June 17, 2016

About Us

We are a dynamic team of animal lovers that understand and work towards a healthy balance between public safety and animal welfare.

Combined we have over 50 years of experience working in the animal care and control sector. We work hard to ensure there is a harmonious environment between animal play, natural and behavioural expression, and bylaw compliance in the communities we serve.

Together we have the following certificates and training;

  • Bylaw Enforcement & Investigative Skills Level
    1-Justice Institute of BC
  • Animal Control Basic Training Certificate
    Program- Langara College
  • Bylaw and Animal Control Safety Training Course- M.D. Burgess & Associates
  • Injunction Junction-Troy DeSouza, Govlaw
  • Prosecute This!-Troy DeSouza, Govlaw
  • Bite Back- Troy DeSouza, Govlaw
  • Police Ethics & Accountability Certificate- Canadian Police Knowledge Network
  • Verbal and Physical Management of Aggressive and Violent Behaviour Level 1- Personal Protection Systems Inc.

We are members of:

  • Licence Inspectors and Bylaw Enforcement Officers Association (LIBOA)
  • National Animal Control Association (NACA).

We are the sometimes challenged, but always proud owners of Dobermans, Bouviers, Frenchies, Dachshunds, Great Pyrenees, Spaniels and of course everything in-between. In addition to our canine companions, we also share our homes with birds, cats, reptiles and rodents of all kinds.