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June 10, 2016

If you’re in need of immediate wildlife emergency contact information, see our emergency contact¬†page here.

Here are some other useful links and articles for the information you need most:


The majority of municipalities and Regional Districts have dog licencing requirements. All dogs must be licensed by 6 months of age, although some require a licence at 4 months.

There are many costs associated with animal control and the purchase of your yearly dog licence helps to offset these costs.  Hopefully you will never need these services but if you do, we are here.

Some of the services your licence helps to fund;

  • 24hr emergency on call
  • A safe place for a lost dog to be taken to if an owner cannot be found
  • A safe place for your pet to come if you have an emergency such as a car accident, fire or other unexpected crisis.
  • Information hub where you can get advice on pet or neighbor behaviour issues.

Hot Cars:

When finding a dog in a hot car, follow the following simple steps!

dog in hot car

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